#RelationshipIssues101: Becoming Roommates w/ Your BF?

27 Sep

Due to certain circumstances the conversation about thee boyfriend and I living together came about. Talking about spending the rest of your life with someone does have the effect of signaling that alarm of wonder if wether or not you would actually be able to live with that person. Although it would be better to preview what you are getting into before you actually make a lifelong commitment, what’s really important is if it’s all worth it. Being in a relationship with someone is defiantly not the same thing as being “roommates” with them. You never really know someone until you live with them; could you handle sharing your space with your spouse? When it comes to me seeing myself with my boyfriend for the long haul I have no doubt, but I do fear that if we move in together (too soon) we will grow tired of each other and things may turn for the worst. It’s funny how such a simple question like “Want to be roommates?” can have such meaning, and how the answer to that simple question can cause such complicated issues. Help needed. — xoxo, Former Single Girl.


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